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Gomi is a video encoding service

You provide the video, and we convert it to your desired output. As simple as that!

Gomi then delivers your output media to wherever you need it and notifies you when the job is done.

Your encoding problems solved!

Why encode video?

Different users have different browsers, different devices and varying internet connection speeds.

To provide the best possible video experience to your customers it is good practice to encode your videos into multiple formats to deliver a tailored experience.

Encoding a lot of videos?

Whether you’re just starting out, or encoding thousands of videos a day- Gomi grows with you.

Gomi automatically starts new servers to handle the load as needed!

Bottom line: You only pay for what you need, whilst still responding quickly to demand.

Monitor job progress from anywhere

Monitor the progress of file transfer & media encoding jobs from one screen.

A progress bar is displayed for each stage of ingest & encoding jobs so you always know what's going on.

Create your own Output Formats

Save your custom encoding settings to Output Formats for easy reuse

There are plenty of predefined sample formats to get you started

Output formats are simple to configure and make encoding a breeze

Easy Media Ingest

Upload media from your computer

Transfer media from Web servers & FTP Servers. Just give us the link and we'll do the rest.

Your media at your fingertips

Browse all your input and output media, complete with thumbnails and detailed file information

Developer API

Seamlessly integrate your solution with Gomi! Our standards-based, RESTful API is well documented and a pleasure to use. You’ll be up and running in no time!

Notifications to keep you in the loop

Want to enjoy your break?
We'll let you know when something important happens with email notifications.

API Notifications are also available for software developers integrating with the Gomi platform.

Improve your encoding workflow

Gone are the days where uploading multiple formats of the one video was a necessary evil!

With Gomi, you can breath a sigh of relief! Just upload a high-res copy and Gomi will handle conversion to the rest… All in the cloud!

Reduce your encoding costs

With Gomi, you only pay for what you use, so there is no need to maintain expensive servers that are only being used some of the time!

Forget about employing specialist staff because with Gomi on your side, video encoding becomes painless and automated.

What our users have to say

Gomi completely revolutionised our media encoding workflow. Two thumbs up!

Cheb Dagher, Elastique.