Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic concepts of media encoding?

A: Media Encoding/Transcoding is about converting a media file to have a different size/quality settings and often different file format.
Generally the file quality is slightly reduced during encoding, so it's best to start with a high quality file. Encoding a file to have a larger width/height does not improve the quality of the video so it's recommended you encode videos to have the same size or smaller size that the source video.

What affects the speed of the encoding process?

A: The encoding speed largely depends on your choice of encoding settings and the size and format of the input & output files. Generally the larger the source file, and larger the output, the longer the encoding will take. More complex encoding formats such as h264 require more time to encode, but can result in a better quality result & smaller file size.
You should also try to stick to standard picture resolutions.

What are some recommended picture resolutions for video?

A: Glad you asked! Here are some common sizes:

4:3 Apect Ratio
16:9 Apect Ratio
1280720HD 720
19201080HD 1080

How long can I store my media on Gomi?

A: 3 days. Gomi is intended as a media encoding & delivery service rather than a hosting service soo there's no need to leave files floating around. Media you upload to Gomi (Input Media) and media created by Gomi (Output Media) may be automatically deleted from Gomi's servers after 3 days.

When can I use my encoding credits?

A: Your encoding credits can be used at any time within 1 year from the purchase date. After 1 year unused credits will expire.

Why are some of my video encoding jobs unsuccessful?

A: There are several reasons for encoding jobs to be unsuccessful.
Most commonly:

  • The input media file has issues, such as it's corrupted or doesn't comply with the file format correctly
  • The output format settings requested have a resolution, bitrate or framerate that the media container or codec doesn't support.

We recommend you check the error messages displayed on unsuccessful encoding jobs and test if the job is succesful with a different file or different combination of settings.

Can encoded media be delivered to me?

A: Absolutely. You can choose to have your media delivered to your ftp server. We support ftp & ftps.

Will I get charged for unsuccessful encoding jobs?

A: No. If encoding or delivery of the media fails, then you will not be billed for the delivery of that output media.